Everyone deserves a seat at the Table

UnaMesa accelerates the development of innovations that eliminate disparities in healthcare, education, and social services.

Innovations launched in partnership with UnaMesa:

Platforms driven by social capital

Silicon Valley is famous for technologies driven by Venture Capital (aka money). While these companies have created enormous financial wealth, they continually fall short in addressing healthcare, education, and social services -- services driven by interactions that create meaningful relationships which are mostly invisible to the marketplace and therefore under-valued (not valued) by venture capital. UnaMesa exists as a catalyst to bring the power of innovation and wealth generation (including relationships, aka social captial) to healthcare, education, and other community based services.

The value of social media is created by networks of people -- social technology platforms should preference the needs of people and community over shareholders

Leaders driven by Passion and Purpose

UnaMesa supports individuals with deep expertise and lived experiences who have a strong vision for community based improvements in well being.

    • InPlay closes the opportunity gap by connecting all students to great out of school learning

      Rod Hsiao
      Founder of InPlay
    • Precision Health Equity Initiatives leverage innovation to advance early detection and interventions that eliminate disparities in care

      Dr Rakesh Patel
      Founder Precision Health Equity Initiatives
    • Magical Bridge Foundation creates innovative award-winning playgrounds, parks and programs for more inclusive communities.

      Olenka Villareal, Jill Asher
      Founders of Magical Bridge Foundation

Support an UnaMesa project

Your contributions go directly to supporting specific projects.


Launched in 2015 to close the opportunity gap by connecting students to out of school learning experiences. InPlay now serves over 10,000 families each year and is continuing to grow and partner with school districts and counties.

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Precision Health Equity Initiative

launched in 2023 to help translate digital health innovations into better, more equitable healthcare with an emphasis on early detection and early intervention of serious health conditions. Initial focus areas include cancer screening, maternal wellbeing, and elder care.

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Recent Graduates

The Magical Bridge Foundation creates the world's most inclusive playgrounds. After signing contracts with several bay area cities, the Magical Bridge Foundation spun out into an independent nonprofit. Similarly, the Belle Haven Action founders began working with UnaMesa to strengthen local, at risk communities. After several years serving the community and securing several contracts, Belle Haven Action spun off into an independent nonprofit.

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